Your calorie consumption: much calories you consume in 15 minutes:

Who are more active and who weighs a lot more calories consumed. In the table you will find the calories burned fuuml, r different stagger, ACTIVITIES from everyday life and fuuml, r sporting Aktivitauml, th. The details are fuuml, r for 15 minutes in Kcal. calculated.

If you want to lose weight, do not go any effort out of the way, but try, in your everyday life to include one or other strenuous activities with. Burn calories by endurance sports.

Calories burned during exercise and other activities

Playing with children

Cycling 10 km / h

Cycling 15 km / h

How many calories you consume as shopping or. while having sex?

Reduce weight through running

Your calorie consumption in everyday life - walking, cycling, swimming and walking - piriformis and swimming
Losing weight through running is easily possible because it consumes energy and burns fats better. Start with low intensity and work out three times a week. Gradually increase speed and frequency of training to increase your energy expenditure. This is important because you need to consume more calories than you take through food.

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cycling and swimming

Would you like to know how much exercise you need to use the tool on this page .

If you want to determine your calorie consumption per day, then you can do this approximately by calculating your BMR plus the calories for your sales activities. Here you can calculate your BMR.

Added to this is still the consumption for all activities that you engage in during your day. If you are physically heavy and then run to relax for 20 km, then you will naturally consume much more - and also, of course, can eat more and need.

If you spend your days reading relaxing on the sofa, the consumption will be less. In general, you will get more calories you consume each physically active you are.